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Auricular TechniqueHere the focus is on healing the whole person, not just the immediate ailment.

Employing a wide array of techniques and working with the physical, emotional, and spiritual you, Carol creates a balanced atmosphere in which you can recover naturally, the way it is intended.

Healing is my passion and gift.

Since 1989, Carol has been a crucial element in the health and recoveries of many, many individuals.  She can help you determine an appropriate system to suit your specific needs be it therapeutic massage, detoxification, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, or techniques which involve the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, including Raindrop and Auricular Aroma emotional healing.



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For further information contact Carol or phone (503) 263-1715.


"I came to Carol for massage after an auto accident.  I was so pleased with her treatments that when I became a massage student I went back  to Carol to learn all I could about her methods." ~ NZ

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